Clef Club Deluxe Model Guitar Banjo, c. 1925

“ Made in Philadelphia, PA, natural varnish finish, laminated mahogany neck and resonator, original brown hard shell case.

One of the more unusual and visually impressive instruments we have seen, this huge and very ornate banjo-guitar is the work of a fairly obscure but quite skilled maker and may be one of a kind. The rim is a full 16” wide, two inches wider than even the largest Gibson banjo-guitars, and with a full flange and resonator attached spans over 18 1/2”. The entire instrument is lavishly decorated with a vine fingerboard inlay, elaborate marquetry on the resonator sides and multiple colored wood laminates in the neck and headstock. The hardware is a mix of styles (some looks very Lange/Paramount) but appears all original; this is obviously a handmade instrument. The very small internal labels promise “exceptional quality” and in this case at least seems to be accurate!”

Owned and played by Dom Flemons


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